Oriflame Love Nature Tea Tree Range For Oily Skin Review


Oriflame Love Nature Tea Tree Range For Oily Skin Review

oriflame Love Nature Tea Tree Range


Even though Oriflame has been a popular brand, don’t know why I never tried their products. Recently I got to know about their ‘Love Nature’ range and obviously, I had to try this because it is meant for Oily and Acne-prone skin. So, here what I think about this newly launched product.


The Oriflame Love Nature Tea Tree kit includes: Cleansing gel, face scrub, face mask, and a face lotion. I couldn’t understand why there isn’t any toner. Anyway, read on to know more about the range.


Cleansing Gel

oriflame Love Nature Tea Tree Range


I have tried many cleansing gels that claim to control acne and excess oil but this one has actually proved what it claims. I have a very sensitive skin and usually, I try to avoid products with tea tree but this one has really got me surprised. My acne has already diminished to a great extent and my face has become much clearer and tighter. It has a gel-like consistency with a light pleasant scent. All I need to do is take a tiny amount of it and it gets lathers beautifully all over the face and neck.

Packaging: It comes in a plastic bottle with a white screw top lid. The size of this product is ideal enough to carry it in your purse and there is no case of spilling, so its very travel-friendly as well.


Face Scrub

oriflame Love Nature Tea Tree Range


It is a gel-based scrub and has tiny granules in it. I didn’t find the granules very harsh on the skin like some exfoliators has but also I didn’t find it that effective. When I use any scrub, my main concern is the blackheads around my nose but it didn’t seem to do anything for that. I would suggest people with sensitive skin or who don’t have much blackheads problem can give it a shot.

Packaging: It comes in a transparent tube and has a flip-top cap that shuts quite tightly.


Face Mask

oriflame Love Nature Tea Tree Range

In the whole ‘Love Nature’ range, this face mask and the cleansing gel is the winner for me. The product comes in a mint green color with the right consistency, so you don’t need to wet your face. All I need to do is take a generous amount to fully cover my face and wait until its semi-dry. One thing I don’t like about this mask is that it gives a tinglish sensation after applying, which is why I don’t use tea tree products. But I think its ok because the sensation goes away after some time. This face mask has really kept my acne at bay and so, I love it!

Packaging: The packaging is same like the face scrub. Comes in a mint green tube with flip-top cap.


Face Lotion

oriflame Love Nature Tea Tree Range

This face lotion has a mild pleasant scent with a smooth texture. I really love the way it gets completely absorbed into the skin without any greasy feeling. I couldn’t feel that had put something on my face and besides, its perfect for summer because it is so lightweight and gives a matte look. This is a great solution for people with extremely oily skin, who don’t like to apply moisturizer on summers.


Overall View

After using this Oriflame Love Nature range for almost 2 weeks now, I can say that my skin has become very clean and spotless. I haven’t faced any breakouts ever since I started following this regime. Its very difficult to find a product which is result-oriented and affordable at the same time but we have both in here. And honestly, there are very few products that work on my weird skin without any reaction and this is one of them. So people who are suffering from acne and other oily skin problems should definitely go for this range, especially the cleansing gel and mask. Above all, all of the product smells amazing.

Rating: 4.7/5


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