Quick Hack for Your Dark Circles Without Any Concealer

Hack for dark circles without concealer

Do you hate using makeup on a daily basis or are you just out of your concealer? But if you are a makeup geek, then you can’t imagine a single day without using this makeup product and that requires to spend a fortune girl 😀

I know concealer holds a special place in every women’s heart but our undereye demands extra care and with this hack, you can do both! So we have covered you this quick hack that will not only color correct your under eyes but regular usage can actually eliminate those black patches with only natural ingredients. So here it is.

All You Need Is:

  1. Turmeric Powder
  2. Potato Juice
  3. Gram Flour

So simple isn’t it? 🙂

How To Use It

Take 1 tsp of turmeric powder and gram flour in a bowl, add required amount of potato juice to make a paste. The consistency of the paste should be equal, not too thick or not too runny. Apply a thick layer covering the whole undereye area and wait until it gets dry (9-10mins). Rinse with cold water or use a wet towel.


This homemade pack works exactly like a color corrector. We normally use a yellow or orange corrector before the foundation and this remedy has the same effect. It gives a yellow tint under your eye, hiding the dark circles without a hitch. After that, you can go ahead with your foundation or BB cream in order to have a natural finish.

The whole idea of this tip is to take good care of your delicate undereye without shelling out tons of money.




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