The Best Way To Take Care Of Sensitive Skin


A lot of people who have sensitive skin will notice that their skin gets really irritated even with the ingredients which aren’t supposed to. They find it hard t use certain products as that can cause skin reactions or unnecessary breakouts. Though sensitive skin isn’t something that can be cured but a consultation with a good Dermatologist will surely help you in getting the right product. But if you are someone who is figuring out ways to cope up with your weird skin like I do without any consultation then check out the below tips and your skin will thank you later.


1.Avoid chemical products

Staying away from chemical-based products is the least you can do for your skin. Forget sensitive skin, the harsh chemicals like Paraben, Triclosan, SLS, Propylene Glycol can even affect normal skin. Thanks to 2018 that now we have so many options for organic and ayurvedic products that work wonderfully. More and more people are getting aware of its importance and inculcating it in their beauty regime.


2.Keep Your Skin Hydrated

There is a thin line between hydration and overhydration which many of us are unaware of. Using a moisturizer with right amount can really make big difference. If you are someone with dry skin then you don’t have to worry about the quantity but if you oily and sensitive skin, then try to avoid overhydration as the extra product will not get absorbed, leading to clogged pores. For example, if you are using a serum which is already very oily and hydrating then do not go for a moisturizer after that.


3.Stop Experimenting

For once, if you ever find that right product that works like a charm for your skin, then try to stick with it. Sensitive skin is not often prone to changes and that is the main reason why we end up having breakouts. I know it would be painful to not able to try out new products but honestly, it will make your skin healthier. But still, if you badly want to do it, try adopting at a time without any mix-match. This tip applies to all skin type as they will not ever know which product is genuinely working for them if they keep switching.


4.Inquiry Of Ingredients

Do not go by what the product claims, even if it says suitable for sensitive skin. Check out the ingredient list first on any product whether if it consists of an additive that you can be allergic to. Also, look out for the active ingredients which have the highest percentage in a product. Remember, if you notice a face cream for acne that has 40 ingredients, it will never going to work for your skin.



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